The history of KOSAF gives a vital perspective on the progress of national student aid in Korea since its establishment. Building on the innovative new strategy and strong values for talent development, KOSAF has been striving to serve students across the country with programs and services formed on a solid foundation.


  • 12Established National Scholarship Foundation Council
  • 12Completion of KOSAF Unified University Dormitory
  • 12Awarded the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Prize as an organization providing the work and life balanced Innovation Workplace 2016
  • 11Awarded Grand Prize at the 9th Korea Internet Communication
  • 10Received the donation for the second KOSAF Unified University Dormitory (40 billion KRW)
  • 08Amended related law to prevention of duplicate financial support ("Scholarship Foundation Act", "Special Reimbursement Act")
  • 07Gwangju Student Financial Support Center (customized counseling center) Opened
  • 05KOSAF hosts its 5th International Forum on Student Aid Policy.
  • 05Mr. Yang-Ok Ahn is named the third chairman of KOSAF.


  • 09KOSAF breaks ground for the first residential complex for college students.
  • 05KOSAF hosts its 4th International Forum on Student Aid Policy.
  • 01KOSAF launches its loan conversion program to lower the interest rate of the earlier loans (From Jan. to May)
  • 01KOSAF expands its need-based grant to make the income-linked half-tutition inituative a reality.


  • 11KOSAF is recognized with the grand prize at the 7th Internet Communication and Social Media Awards for its excellence in the best communication for customers.
  • 11KOSAF is designated as one of the Best Institutions for Human Resources Development.
  • 10KOSAF is awarded with the Best CS Innovation Leader Prize, from the Best Management Awards of Korea.
  • 10KOSAF is awarded with the Best Economic Leader Award in the category of best managemetn for social responsibility.
  • 10KOSAF wins the gold prize at the International Business Awards in the website technology and other categories.
  • 07KOSAF opens the support center in the city of Busan
  • 06KOSAF wins the grand prize at the 2014 King Sejong Sharing and Volunteerism Awards and the special prize from the National Assembly Commission on Ethics.
  • 03KOSAF wins the grand prize at the 2014 Happiness Plus and Social Contribution Awards.
  • 01KOSAF expands its national need-based grant with increased support for the low incoem class (KRW 3.5 trillion annually)
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