Types of Grants & Scholarships

The financial aid programs administered by KOSAF are customized for students’ various needs. Together, the programs offer aid to an increasing range of students. Through its grants and scholarship programs, KOSAF strives to establish a system in which any qualified individual has the opportunity to pursue higher education, regardless of financial status.

KOSAF’s grant and scholarship programs are divided into three main categories: need-based, merit-based, and work-based.


  1. Government Grant Type I

    Government Grant Type I is designed to provide higher education opportunities to all students in Korea regardless of their economic backgrounds.

  2. Government Grant Type II

    Government Grant Type II funds are given directly to educational institutions, instead of students. The amount is determined in accordance with institutions’ effort to suppress tuition increases.

  3. Multi-Child Grant

    Multi-Child Grant is introduced to support higher education for a family with three or more children. As a part of the Korean government’s national policy to boost birth rate, KOSAF strives to help large families to ease financial burdens of raising children.

  1. The Presidential Science Scholarship

    Through a highly competitive process, recipients are selected for the opportunities to study in Korea or abroad. The criteria include academic excellence and potential to contribute to the areas of science, engineering, or technologies.

  2. The National Scholarship for Science and Engineering

    This scholarship supports undergraduates with strong academic performance in science and engineering, with the purpose of developing future leaders in those fields.

  3. The Next Century Humanities Scholarship

    This scholarship is designed to support high school seniors and undergraduates in humanities and social sciences who have demonstrated their potentials to be the leaders in those fields.

  4. Art Sports Vision Scholarship

    Scholarship for fostering talented students who can lead arts and sports field by developing the student’s talents and aptitude.

  5. Excellent Student Studying Abroad Supporting Scholarship

    Excellent Student Studying Abroad Supporting Scholarship supports students of exceptional financial need and strong academic performance with the opportunities to study abroad.

  6. Blue lighthouse Scholarship

    Funded by donors, this scholarship is offered to the students who meet the qualifications specified by donors.

  1. National Study-Work Program

    Supported by the Korean government, KOSAF offers work-based scholarships that provide financial support for on and off campus work completed during the school year and official break periods.

  2. Mid sized Company Employment Supporting Scholarship (The Ladder of Hope Scholarship)

    Students who agree to work in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or to start enterprises after graduation are given financial aid. Through this program, KOSAF aims to mitigate labor shortage and encourage innovation in SMEs as well as ease economic burdens of postsecondary education.

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