Sharing & Volunteering

KOSAF runs several programs for sharing and volunteering in communities. By contributing their skills and talents to these programs, leaders in various fields help young people to become leaders for the future.


Through mentoring and donor programs, KOSAF is advancing its vision of fostering global leaders who may positively shape the society we live in. These programs give volunteers the opportunities to help young people in several ways: donating funds and labor, career advice, academic advice, and tutoring.

A multilayered and multifaceted approach to the programs allows individuals and institutions of many different kinds to participate. Mentoring by individuals from KOSAF’s network of leaders in Korea is offered to undergraduate and graduate students. Counseling, tutoring, and other forms of volunteering by undergraduate and graduate students are available to primary school students and secondary school students.

Partners and supporters from schools, public institutions, local and national government organizations, and others enhance KOSAF’s Sharing & Volunteering programs.

Types of Volunteer Programs
Among KOSAF’s Sharing & Volunteering programs, many opportunities are available through KorMent where students are mentored by leaders and given help to develop their talents.
The KorMent Programs
The KorMent Program advances KOSAF’s mission of developing talent. KorMent has a place for a variety of people and organizations in communities: primary and secondary school students, postsecondary students, career professionals, schools, public institutions, and other private businesses and foundations.
Through financial support, KOSAF advances its goal of supporting the development of the talents that will lead the future of Korea through various scholarships, mentoring, and knowledge sharing programs.
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Sharing & Volunteering
Types of Volunteer Programs
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