Grants & Scholarships

Through diversified grants and scholarships, KOSAF offers an open and fair system for higher education support in Korea that is designed to be accessible to students from all backgrounds. The awards range from highly competitive, prestigious national scholarships that recognize the top students in the country to grants that open educational opportunities for hardworking students who have trouble in paying for higher education.


Each year, KOSAF provides financial assistance for thousands of students from all backgrounds. KOSAF’s grants and scholarships are intended to help students pay for school tuition and fees, as well as for other education-related costs such as college entrance fees, special course tuitions, fees, and other education costs such as supported by the Korean government and are disbursed for a specified duration and in a certain number of payments;

KOSAF provides financial aid in the in the forms of need-based grants, merit-based scholarships, and work-based grants. Grants help motivated students with economic difficulties to devote more efforts to study, thus breaking down socioeconomic barriers and providing equal opportunities for everyone. Scholarships recognize students with excellent academic performance and encourage them to continue their study and become invaluable assets to the country.

Note For Non-Korean Students
At this time, the KOSAF grants & scholarships are available only for Korean citizens. To learn about national financial aid options provided for non-Koreans pursuing postsecondary education in Korea, see the programs mentioned by the Ministry of Education.
Types of Grants & Scholarships
Grants and scholarships are offered to individuals based on demonstrated financial need and/or academic merit. For some grant programs, the qualifications are designed to promote higher education among students who have satisfactory academic performance but struggle with financial hardships. For merit scholarship programs, the highly competitive application process allows KOSAF to provide governmental support for the top students in the nation.
Application and Disbursement
The method and process of application, selection, and disbursement vary among the different grants and scholarship programs. Applicants and recipients must adhere to all guidelines, rules, procedures, and timelines set forth by KOSAF and the respective schools’ financial aid offices. KOSAF guides students and their families through the complicated process for grants and scholarships.
KOSAF Scholars Overseas
Among the scholarships managed by KOSAF, the Presidential Science Scholarship is unique in supporting postsecondary study in prestigious universities abroad.
Grants & Scholarships
Types of Grants & Scholarships
Application and Disbursement
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