Financial partners and donors have an important role in the student aid programs administered by KOSAF. Financial gifts help to extend opportunities that allow students with limited financial means or with academic excellence who aspire to realize their dreams.


    • Student Residential Complex
      Due to high cost of housing and severe shortage of dormitories in Seoul and major cities, many university students are forced to share one small room or live in flophouses. Addressing the severe housing shortage among college students, “KOSAF has established ‘Unified University Student Dormitory’ which is students residential complex near Seoul”. The construction has been made possible by the donations from several commercial banks in Korea. KOSAF is planning to solicit more donations to build several more residentail complexes.
    • Blue Lighthouse Scholarship Fund
      Consisting of donations from individuals and businesses, the fund helps students with financial difficulty by providing financial aid to pay for tuitions and/or living costs. Donations are 100% tax-deductable for individuals and 50% tax-deductable for businesses. KOSAF plans to organize campaigns to expand this Fund.
      Sharing & Volunteering Programs
    • Mentorship Programs
      As a part of Blue Lighthouse Scholarship Fund, KOSAF offers outstanding students opportunities for overseas travels or memtorship events. They are sponsored by corporations such as Blizzard Entertainment and WooriBank of Korea.

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