Working Together

Building mutually beneficial relationships with institutions in Korea and abroad, KOSAF continues to establish networks tied together by the common thread of cultivating talents and exchanging ideas. KOSAF and its partners provide an avenue for many organizations to directly and effectively contribute to programs serving students.

In implementing National Grants, merit scholarships, loans, and mentorship programs, the Korea Student Aid Foundation goes beyond providing customized financial aid support to provide comprehensive services for students. KOSAF continues to closely work with governmental agencies, public institutions, universities, private businesses and foundations, and other organizations.

Depending on the nature of the partnership, the partnerships may vary in scope, as well as in how they progress and for how long they are sustained.

Connect with KOSAF To communicate with KOSAF about the possibility of becoming a partnering institution and/or to learn more, please follow the link on the right to the Inquiries page.

KOSAF point of contact: Department of Public Relations

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Government, Public, and Private Partners
The primary goal of partnerships with governmental agencies, public institutions, and private businesses and foundations is to secure financial resources and other types of support for the KOSAF scholarship programs, loan programs, and talent development programs. Thanks to the dedication and generosity of these partnering organizations, KOSAF is strengthened in its ability to invest in the future through its programs and services for students.
University Partners
KOSAF has formed partnerships with universities in every area of Korea. Cooperation is focused on programs operated by KOSAF throughout the year. The programs involve varying levels of cooperation from students, faculty members, and administrators.
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Working Together
The KorMent Program
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