The KorMent Program

The KorMent Program, created by KOSAF, advances the foundation’s mission of developing talent. The program’s service opportunities aim to encourage the leaders of the future to develop skills and characters fit to be the leaders in Korea and beyond.

KorMent stands for the Korea Leader Mentoring Network. An instrumental component of KOSAF’s Sharing and Volunteering programs, this network supports the diverse types and levels of service, mentorship, and leadership in the KorMent Program. The network is composed of individuals and institutions from various academic disciplines, private and public sectors, and local, national, and global fields. Together, these partners work with KOSAF to provide young people with mentorship opportunities & Volunteering—in particular, through the KorMent Program.

The KorMent Program

The KorMent Program encompasses a number of programs that are directly and indirectly supported by this network. The opportunities provided by the program are designed to encourage the leaders of the future to develop skills fit for global leadership and outstanding character.

Since the programs are customized to fit diverse student profiles, students of all backgrounds who are pursuing a range of academic and career goals benefit from the support provided by the comparably diverse network of KOSAF partners and supporters. Each program primarily falls within one of the following categories.

  • Programs with Leader Mentors
    In the "Leader Mentoring layer" of the KorMent Program,
    mentors are leaders in Korea at the forefront of their areas of expertise, and
    mentees are undergraduate and graduate students.
    See the program description.
  • Programs with Student Knowledge Sharing Mentors
    In the "Student Knowledge Sharing layer" of the KorMent Program,
    mentors are undergraduate and graduate students, and
    mentees are primary and secondary school students.
    See the program description.

Connect with KOSAFFor individuals or representatives of organizations: to communicate with KOSAF about the possibility of becoming a leader mentor in the KorMent Program and/or a member (individual or organization) of KorMent, please follow the link on the right to the Inquiries page.

KOSAF point of contact: Department of Public Relations

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