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The Korea Student Aid Foundation’s student-centered student aid system provides customized options for students seeking support for higher education. KOSAF’s grants & scholarships, student loans, and work-based aids expand opportunities for students to pursue their dreams, and the Sharing & Volunteering programs allow students to gain valuable skills and experience to inspire and prepare them for the future.
National Student Aid in Korea
KOSAF provides most of the student aid for higher education in the forms of grants, scholarships, and loans.
Grants & Scholarships
Through grants & scholarships, KOSAF offers opportunities for higher education to students from all backgrounds. The awards range from highly competitive, prestigious national scholarships that recognize the top students in Korea to grants that expand educational opportunities for hardworking students with financial difficulty in continuing their studies.
Student Loans
KOSAF’s loan programs help students pay for undergraduate and graduate level studies in Korea. Eligilibity that is not subject to credit approval, deferment options, income contingent repayment, reduced fixed and variable interest rates, and interest relief benefits—all in large part depending on the student borrower’s profile—are characteristics of the loan programs. These borrower-friendly options demonstrate the student aid system’s student-focused approach.
Sharing & Volunteering
The Sharing & Volunteering programs , created and implemented by KOSAF are an essential part of its student aid system. Encouraging and helping students to grow into global leaders who will contribute to the society, the programs are coordinated for varying periods of time and have many forms: giving (donor contributions), career mentoring, academic advising, volunteering in Korea and overseas, and tutoring for underprivileged secondary school students.
Grants & Scholarships
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Student Loans
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Sharing & Volunteering
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