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KorMent are carried out in three forms, where mentors share their life lessons, skills, and knowledge with mentees.


KorMent Leader Mentoring Program

KorMent Leader Mentorship Program
YEAR 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
NUMBER OF MENTORS 302 401 300 280 258
NUMBER OF MENTEES 2,457 3,246 2,559 2,409 2,109

The KorMent Leader Mentoring Program inspires young people to expand their visions for their futures and to gain leadership skills and career training from mentors. Mentees are among students in postsecondary institutions in Korea. Priority is given to students who have received or are receiving a form of KOSAF student aid.

Mentors are leaders in various fields such as corporate business, finance, trade, academia, the arts, or other areas. who have generously agreed to be involved in the program and share their knowledge and experiences with mentees. In-person mentoring involves monthly mentor-mentee activity sessions, including company visits and volunteer service activities in the community. Online mentoring is also available.

All mentors and mentees are invited to attend KOSAF’s annual KorMent Day, Leadership Concerts, and additional formal events. At the end of the program, students have an opportunity to submit final reports on their experiences in the program, and the top reports receive awards of recognition, including awards for the best essays.

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